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Pretty sure I just passed my CSCCA certification test.

CSCCA=Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association exam Im ecstatic. Someone here was taking the cscs test, how did that go? Overall this one wasn’t too hard. The written exam was easy and the practical wasn’t too bad but was stressfull. Edit: Mad Dog Madden from UT is tough. Of course, when I had to defend my program I had to get his station.
Congrats, dude. I’ll be taking my ISSA test in about 5 mo.

Sweet man. Let me know how that goes. Next up I want to take the cscs exam and the usaw one. Ive gotta get some dough saved up first, both exams aren’t cheap.
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Post stories of wierd requests you have rec’d in the gym

This is prompted by an experience I had this weekend. I was spotting Mrs. on the bench. The bench is right next to the preacher curl thing. This African dude asked me, in broken English, for "help."

So, thinking he needs a spot, I walk over. He asked me to put one hand on his shoulder and the other on his chin and push back while he twists his head So I’m thinking maybe he has a crick or something…then he asks me to do the other side.

No requests have ever been "that" strange before.
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peep dis, powa wiffas

Ok so I been using a routine for the past 2 months. Its basically a squat/bench, back, squat/bench split. I have been gaining and gaining using it. Come first week of August I am going to max out with all the gear I’d use in a meet.

One of my professors(kinda like my coach) sent me this routine he wants me to try:
Day 1 Legs
squat 2×12 @ 60%
leg press 2×8-12
leg curls 2×8-12
leg ext 2×8-12
calf raises 2×8-12
incline sit ups 2×8-12

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anyone try crossfit?

Check Hamster’s log.

What is Crossfit? Crossfit is a strength & conditioning program. You train 3 days on/1 day off or 5 days on/2 days off. Crossfit posts your workout of the day (WOD) each day on their .
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Just getting back into the Gym,looking for a good routine

Just got a membership and I was looking for some input on what routine types of routine would work best for me.
At this point, I’ve gotten a bit lazy and I’m basically looking to tone back up, reduce body fat and at the same time, lose a few lbs.
Just wanted to see what you guys might suggest.
Thanks in advance.
Mon – Legs
4 sets leg ext 10-15reps
4 sets squat 6-10 reps
3 sets leg press 10-12 reps
4 sets leg curl 10-12reps
3 set db stiff legged or walking lunges
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Texas Tech Lineman Rylan Reed Bench Presses 625lbs

Pretty fucking impressive, especially at 6 foot 7. Looks like a giant walking around campus.

wtf are you talking about?
I was about to call BS until I saw the dude, jesus christ

6 45’s and change on the outside
No, no no…I know its 625 on there but looks to me like the spotters are there to make the dude look stronger than he is and to get attention to their school. Yes i am that guy who is hating on a strong bench.
or they are there to make sure their strongest lineman doesnt drop 625 on his face. people amaze me
yeah the dudes hands were on the bar but come on, its not a meet and its not like he was rowing the bar up like you see a lot of times

homeboy got mad swoles
Yeah that spotter isn’t going to do much if it rolls forward.
mother fucking jesus christ

thought he was going to do shit but that dude stuck to that rep like it was going to kill him if he didnt push it

thumbless grip though – why? what the fuck
Most likely the outside spotters are Brandon Carter (6-7/354) and Jake Johnson (6-7/370) I’d give them a shot at catching it.
thats a fucking BOSS right there… Silly strong coach too
Sick, probably got some help, but fuck it, dude is a fucking monster…
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