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So. Running a marathon in September

Anyone recommend shoes? I need to get some new ones.

Other tips welcome.
but seriously, good luck. marathoners are one of the most injured group of athletes.

as for shoes, go to a running store and have them check your stride for over pronation and other issues.
Shit.. I’m also in for any tips. I got a marathon in January…
Been running 3+ miles 4 times a week at least…. Then probably going to hop on the 16 week training program in a bit or so.
I’ve been checking out this website also.. seems pretty good and thorough.
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Pinching a nerve?

Whenever I use the seated row machine at my gym I can never use the hand grips that position your thumbs toward each other because when I go to pull my thumb, pointer, and middle finger start tingling like I’ve pinched a nerve or something and I feel like my grip is slipping (whether it is or not I’m not sure as I’ve never let go) BUT I can use the grips which are turned 90 degree down so that your thumbs are pointing up. Is this something I can fix/should worry about?
have you checked for muscle knots? I used to have a HUGE one behind my scapula that fucked with me until I massaged/heat padded that shit out.
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Sharp pain under shoulder blade…

Today at the gym i had a sharp pain behind my right shoulder blade. Its kind of an intense pain especially when i pull my shoulders back or straighten my back. It kept me from using my back to lift anything today

What could it be? Should i be worried?
I had something like that years ago and a chiropractor moved it and it never hurt again.

how long would a strained muscle take to go away?
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I am all sorts of fucked up

I get this annoying "catch" in my back sometimes after doing shrugs or anything trap related. It happens in this area:

Usually a massage therapist I work with does some shit to my shoulder and fixes it in about 5 minutes, no big deal. I think I might have really messed something up this time. After he worked on it is is still hurting and my back just feels wrong.

I was noticing in a pic I posted for the ab challenge I look crooked. What do I do? Who do I see? Reg doctor, chiro? I am clueless…anything I can do on my own (I just got dropped from insurance)? This is me relaxed, notice I am sloping downward from the right.
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Runner’s Knee, how to get around?

Have chronic runner’s knee and was wondering if anyone else might experience the same, and if so, have any remedies/techniques/stretches/exercises they’d care to share?

Ran the houston marathon in 3:33, but only ran 2-3mi everyday for a month prior to that, so definitely know WHY my right knee gave out the day after. Now trying to get back into the swing of things and want to shoot for a Boston qualifying time.

On that note, anyone in CStat care to train?
Where’s it hurt?
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