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Dealing with jerks at your gym

(LifeWire) — Every gym has its share of grunters, groaners, heavy sweaters and hygiene queens. And then there are the aerobics assailants.

Really loud grunting and groaning can be disturbing to other people at the gym.

Then there’s the New York lawsuit involving a screaming spin class participant who was forcibly upended on his stationary bike by a classmate fed up with his loud grunts and shouts of "You go, girl!" In June, jurors acquitted the defendant, stockbroker Christopher Carter, of assault charges in that incident.
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Crap you didn’t know you wanted to know

Apparently, Schwarzenegger made a friggin cd.

Track Listing:
(without weights)
1. Save The Overtime For Me
2. Don’t Stop Believin’
3. 867-5309/Jenny
4. Let Your Body Rock
5. Love Not War
6. Think I’m In Love
7. I’m So Proud

(with weights)
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primoforce vs anafit v. beta alanine

So i tried them both out on myself and a few others..

Im giving the nod to anafits version. Just worked better and longer and seemed better refined. Just my opinion. Also there pure cee was better then the now version by far. Havent done much else though.

Although tylers detox is by far the best liver supp i ever saw, blood work proven as well. With 3 of my guys on HUGE cycles. I got my dr to get me some now.

A lot goes into the sourcing.. AF products may cost a little more, but it’s done intentionally because the raw materials sourced are of a much higher quality..
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Easier to eat eggs over easy vs. boiled

You guys find it easier to put down your eggs if you cook them over easy/sunnyside up? When I boil my eggs it seems like I get full after eating four of them.

I usually eat six eggs in the morning.
I pretty them over easy, but I eat them both way. I really like hard boiled eggs in salads.
i like scrambling them the gordon ramsey way

I think i could eat a dozen that way

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Holy Shit David Jacobs died

DJ is a ex gear dealer to many dallas area cops and professional athletes/bodybuilders. He was going to give up names of stars and athletes as well as cops because he thought it was the right thing to do now. He was found dead in his home in Plano, TX. More to the story im sure but dont really know/care to remember.

yeah you’re a little behind although I didn’t recognize the name

my friend from the internet had best friends which had friends that were “Friends” with him
Why do i feel like this exact thread has happened before?
gotta understand his suicide,he was facing probation lol.
Or maybe one of the hundreds of people whos lives he was about to ruin was really good at making it look like a suicide.

and FUCK a juice using hypocrite pig, best believe if they find juice on you, you are either getting charged, or there stealing it for themselfs.

his gf was shot too. Most likely he killed her then himself. He was very possessive when it came to her and told her if she left him he would kill her.
It was a hit. She was shot in the face and killed. He was shot in the head and the gut. Professional job and I wish I could have been the trigger man(I wouldn’t have shot the girl though)

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