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which sport produces the best physiques?

I’m gonna go with MMA

not overly big, but obviously ready for a war. the right blend between strength and endurance; form and function

You certainly could have picked better examples than Shogun.

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wish he sprained his ankle

One of the trainers at my gym today was trying to jump rope….. WHILE STANDING ON A MEDICINE BALL. As he was doing this, another one of the trainers was taking photos of him. And these people have master’s degrees
dont know about your gym but mine has about 3 trainers that atg squat 315 for warmup reps like it’s feather weight.
Sounds like a couple of guys that could give you good workout advice.
why would you wish harm on your fellow human being ? i mean what if he said to himself " i wish that jacked whiteboy rips his biceps while deadlifting "
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