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4 weeks out WA ST NPC championships

roughly 186lbs competing as middle weight. My girlfriend is doing figure and mixed pairs with me. Hopefully we bring home alot of trophies. Dont worry I’ll be wearing plenty of pro tan.

damn your quads themselves will probably bring home some awards. looking good overall. keep us posted on your progress and results!

but looking good bro, love the blue on you

Running Shoe :Help

I need to kick up my cardio and want to start running but I need shoe recommendations. My feet are extremely flat and my soles wear like this :

Left Shoe / Right Shoe

I believe its called overpronation… Any good running shoes setup for my jacked gait???
go to a specialized runners store, they will help you out. my pair was about 90 bucks and worth every penny.
If you’re an over pronator you need Asic Keyanos. Hands down, best shoe for that.
ugh, you need to go to a running shoe store, preferably where they video your running try fleet feet There are degrees of over pronation and different feet shapes. A proper fitting will make a world of difference. Also you can usually run on the treadmill to get a feel for what you like.
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holy moly.. check out 0:35 of this vid.

no wai.. gotta give the guy some props for speakin the truth.
i think the low bodyfat is the biggest issue for most people

alot of fat guys seem to be under the impression doing crunches will make them lose the stomach
my gym just bought two ab slides and some ab thing involving balls. This added to the already retarded arsenal of ab equipment they already have. Keep in mind that about 90% of the people using the ab equipment at my gym are no where even near low enough bf to show abs.
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Caffeine that important?

So, I am well aware of the thermogenic properties of caffeine, how it keeps your metabolism going, and how it works as a mild appetite suppressant.

Lately (the past month) I have noticed that I am having trouble maintaining my lean-ness… at least a lot more than ever before. My workouts are still the same, and if anything, my cardio is at least on par with, if not better than before. I live in downtown Chicago and walk and bike EVERYWHERE I go.

I have noticed that on top of not being able to stay as lean as easily, I am ALWAYS hungry. I can’t stop eating and I am basically starving myself to stay at my caloric deficit of 2,200 cals…. which used to be no problem.
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Just did my first deadlift sets ever, and it was

adding that to the weekly rotation for sure… my lower back is feeling great! I also did 10 shrugs with each rep… My shoulders are feeling great! Started light with one 45lb on each side, and completed a full pyramid topping at 65lbs. Gotta get my form right over the next few weeks, then I’ll start upping weight.
you want a cookie?

I applaud you for wiping the sand out of your vagina and pulling but it’s time to stop being a girl and put more weight on the bar. Unless you are sub 120lbs you should be able to handle a good bit more.
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Egg whites

Do you just use regular eggs and leave the yolk or do you buy the little cartons?
i just ate 5 whole eggs with some baked potatoes and mayo.

madd good son.
I have both eggs and egg whites (carton) on hand at all times.

If i’m not that concerned about fats for the day i’ll do a ratio of 3 whole eggs to 4 or 5 egg whites (just toss out the yolk).

If that day I am doing lower fats i’ll go for carton of egg whites (to avoid cracking 10 eggs) and just throw in a cup or two of egg whites.
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