Hypertrophy routine?

Hello F&N

I’m looking for a new routine. I have done a bro split in various forms, PPL, and most recently PHAT, each for at least 6 months. I enjoy high volume and frequency, so all of these routines have worked pretty well. Moving forward, I want to focus on hypertrophy as opposed to strength gains.

I am 6’2 at a lean 185. B-225, DL-405, S-335.

Injuries in 2014 have changed my outlook on lifting. Please help me with a hypertrophy routine!

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The 40 Year Old Zyzz

OK. So that’s my goal. I’m 39 years old. Can I do it in one year? A year and a half? (technically I’ll still be 40 until mid Sept 2016)

When I was in my 20s, I ate anything I could ever want, worked out 3-4 days a week and was pretty lean.


excuse the facial expression, many beers in at this point

When I turned 30, my metabolism slowed down. I lost some weight, I gained some weight. I got serious for a little bit and looked like this @ 190lbs (heaviest I have ever been):
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